Terms & Conditions

Our policy on pricing and offers

To make buying from Emark quick and simple we fix our trade prices at the lowest figure that we'll accept, right at the start. This means prices are non-negotiable and to be fair to everyone we never make exceptions. Please allow for this when you add your markup.

VAT & DVLA fees

VAT and the DVLA fee (£80 + VAT) will be added to all list prices.


We own all the registrations on our stock list (no commissions).

How to order

Registered dealers can place an order with a simple email - no deposit required.

Acceptance of orders

We will not be deemed to have entered into a contract until we have accepted an order. (An email confirmation of order, from us, will constitute acceptance but an email which simply confirms receipt, of your order, will not).

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy but in the unlikely event that a price is displayed or quoted incorrectly we will not be bound to accept an order at that figure.

Payment & Delivery

Full payment (direct to our bank account) is required within 30 days (of the date that a sale is agreed).

All registrations are supplied on certificates (we don't do transfers). On receipt of payment we will email you a copy of the certificate (or certificate number) and post the original document to you together with a printed invoice (unless one has been supplied by email).

If full payment is not received within 30 days (and in the absence of our agreement to an alternative arrangement) the transaction will be cancelled by us and the item will be placed back on the market.

Renewal of certificates

When a sale has completed it will be your (the buyer's) responsibility to ensure that the registration is assigned to a vehicle, or the certificate is renewed, before the expiry date. Furthermore, you must set up your own reminder and not rely on us sending you one.

We do not charge registered dealers if we are asked to renew a certificate.

Other important information

As a registered dealer you are authorised to download our stock list, advertise our stock and place orders without a deposit.

You are free to add any markup that you wish.

You will receive an email advice each time a registration is sold plus regular email reminders containing the stock download link. (We will require an email address at your domain to ensure that the emails are being sent to a genuine domain user).

Your registration with us may be treated as public information (other information about you will be protected by our privacy policy).

Failure to comply with our terms and conditions,  repeated failures to complete transactions and/or other behavior which we judge to be unacceptable may result in the removal of your registered status or the application of special terms.

Not registered with us and like more information? Please view our About page.

Can't remember if you registered? If you receive our email stock updates, you're registered!