Terms & Conditions (trade)

Our policy on offers

To keep trade prices lower, we set them (at the outset) at the very lowest figure that we’ll accept. Same for everyone - no discounts - no exceptions. Simple and fair!

How to order

Please send us a simple email, confirming that you wish to purchase (no deposit required).

VAT & DVLA fees

VAT + DVLA fee (£80 + VAT) will be added to all list prices.

Acceptance of orders

We will not be deemed to have entered into a contract until we have accepted an order. (An email confirmation of order, from us, will constitute acceptance but an email which simply confirms receipt, of your order, will not).

Every effort is made to ensure accuracy but in the unlikely event that a price is displayed or quoted incorrectly we will not be bound to accept an order at that figure.

Payment & Delivery

Full payment is required within 30 days (of the date that a sale is agreed) by bank transfer. On receipt we will post the certificate to you and/or provide a copy by email .

If full payment is not received within the above timescale (and in the absence of our agreement to an alternative arrangement) the transaction will be cancelled by us and the item will be placed back on the market. Also, in the future, we may require a reservation fee before we hold any item for you (this will be used as part payment if you complete and retained if you don't).

Stock list

The list is stored online and can be downloaded or viewed any time, via our website.

All registrations on the list are owned by us and on certificates in our name. After every sale, we update the list and send an email advice.

Advertising our stock / Registering with Emark

To advertise our stock (and receive email updates) you must be registered with us and selling direct to the public.

When registered, you can use any advertising medium provided you comply with the following conditions.

  • You must never include our stock on any lists that you send to other dealers.

  • You must ensure that you do not display incorrect or out of date information.

(To apply for registration, please send a request by email and include the address of your website).