Emark trades in personalised registrations. We offer a dedicated service to trade clients and we sell exclusively from our own stock.

Our history

In 1995, Mike Broadley started trading as “Top Marks” (later changed to “Top Numbers” due to a name conflict) and Mike and his son Mark attended their first DVLA Auction which was held at Granada Studios in Manchester. This was where the Sherlock Holmes TV series was filmed and 221 B was a featured registration (viewers of the series will know why). Mike purchased five registrations and was ready to start advertising! At that first auction he purchased 11 TOP which was assigned it to his own car (a Peugeot 106 Rallye).

In the early days the business advertised in the national press and sold direct to the public. Dealers attended the DVLA auctions in person as there was no online bidding. Mike and Geraldine (his wife and business partner) attended almost every one sometimes accompanied by Mark. This enabled them to meet other dealers who also began advertising and selling their stock.

The internet gained popularity, significantly, in the 90's, following the launch of Amazon.co.uk and other major websites. Top Numbers rebranded as Emark.co.uk (and Mike changed his car registration to 22 E). Emark's website was one of the first to introduce secure online ordering for registrations.. The website featured very well in search results - there was little online competition and Google Adwords hadn’t been introduced! Also it was the first site (selling registrations) to gain Which? Webtrader accreditation (a scheme run by Which? magazine, at the time). It wasn't long before most retail sales were online.

In 2005 Emark.co.uk became a limited company with the three family members becoming directors. Another significant change came in 2008. It was evident that the trading pattern had changed and trade sales had become the dominant sector. As a result Emark decided to cease retail sales and focus on providing a no compromise service to trade clients.

Our business model

Our aim is to provide a secure and efficient service whilst keeping things very simple.


  • All the items on our list are actually owned by us - no commissions

  • Fixed prices (set as low as possible) - no time wasting negotiations

  • A website that is designed to be minimalistic and easy to use

  • A copy of our live stock list is always available on the website

  • An email update is sent every time a registration is sold

  • Quick and easy ordering - a simple email secures a registration

Statutory information

Emark.co.uk Limited is registered in England and Wales, Company no: 05448094, VAT no: 619989078.

Registered office address (NOT POSTAL ADDRESS): 5th Floor, Waverley House,115-119 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8DY