Emark trades in personalised registrations. We offer a dedicated service to trade clients and we sell exclusively from our own stock.

The company is based in Dorset and is owned and managed by Mark Broadley, Mike Broadley, and Geraldine Broadley.

The business was set up in 1995 and over the years there were a few name changes (Top Marks to Top Numbers, to Emark.co.uk). It also changed status from sole trader to partnership, to limited company.

Originally we advertised in the national press and sold direct to the public. In the 1990s there were no online auctions and dealers attended the DVLA auctions in person. This enabled us to meet other dealers who also began advertising and selling our stock.

In 1999 we rebranded as Emark.co.uk and we were one of the first dealers to introduce secure online ordering. We were the first online dealer to gain Which? Webtrader accreditation (a scheme run by Which?, at the time) and our site featured well in search results. It wasn't long before most of our retail sales were online.

By 2008 our trading pattern had changed and trade sales had become the dominant sector. As a result we decided to cease retail sales so that we could focus on providing a no compromise service to our trade clients.

We arrived at our current unique business model after looking at every aspect of how we worked and discarding many traditional trade practices!

Our aim is to provide a speedy and efficient service whilst keeping things very simple.

  • A copy of our live stock list is always available on our website.

  • We send an email update every time a registration is sold.

  • Fixed (low) prices so no time is wasted negotiating a price.

  • Quick and easy ordering - a simple email secures a registration.

  • No commissions - all the items on our list are actually owned by us.

To learn more please take a look at our terms and conditions.

If you have an interest in technology you may like to read about the systems we use to provide our services by clicking here.

Statutory information

Emark.co.uk Limited is registered in England and Wales, Company no: 05448094, VAT no: 619989078.

Postal address: please see Contact page

Registered office address (NOT postal address) : 5th Floor, Waverley House,115-119 Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth, BH8 8DY