Emark is a trade supplier of personalised registrations.

We offer a dedicated service to retail sellers (who are registered with us) and we sell exclusively from our own stock.

We are based in Dorset and the company is owned and managed by Mike, Mark and Geraldine Broadley.


The business started up in 1995 advertising in the national press and selling direct to the public. We soon established trading relationships with other dealers who also started to advertise and sell our stock.

In the late 1990s we launched our first website and became one of the first dealers to introduce online sales.

By 2008 our trading pattern had changed and trade sales had become the dominant sector.  As a result we changed to our our current business model and started selling to the trade only. This enables us to provide a service that is focused entirely on trade buyers.

How to register with Emark

If you are the trade and you are a retail seller with a website in your own domain name, you are welcome to apply to register with us. For more information, please read our terms. If you're happy with them, please send your request by email and include the address of your website.